a World without Words

A World Without Words invites audiences to engage with the nature of human language, to offer a fascinating and playful exploration of how words form our world. With a series of bespoke events around London, the project marks a pivotal moment in neuroscience with screenings, talks, performances, and exhibitions that call into question how meaning maps into the brain. www.aworldwithoutwords.com 

Bringing together the most dynamic genre pioneers in neuroscience and sensory aesthetics, A World Without Words explores the nature of human language through a collaborative program of exhibitions, interactive events, and screenings in bespoke venues across London. 

Language is considered perhaps the most characteristic ability of the human species, yet very little is known about it. When Lotje had an unprovoked brain hemorrhage, she woke to find a familiar stranger inhabiting her body, where her 'self' used to be. Unable to read, write, speak, or think coherently, she used this unique opportunity as a lens through which to explore the everyday assumptions of how we wield words to express ourselves, bringing a profoundly personal perspective to the contemporary Copernican revolution of neuroscience.

The project is curated by Thomas Duggan, SJ Fowler & Lotje Sodderland

a World without Words at Apiary Studios - May 6th 2015

The premiere event of a World without Words was an extraordinary night, well over one hundred people crammed into Apiary Studios in Hackney to watch six presentations from neuroscientists and artists from around the world.

a World without Words at the Hardy Tree Gallery - June 17th 2015

Held during the Mahu exhibition in Kings Cross, London, the second A World without Words provided talks on Dyslexia, Pugilistica Dementia and other topics.