The Berlin Camarade : June 23rd 2015 at Lettretage

An extraordinary evening of poetry held at Lettretage in Kreuzberg, Berlin on June 23rd 2015, this Camarade event saw 14 brand new collaborations presented by pairs of poets, 28 in all, to a large & generous audience. A remarkable symbol of the depth and vibrancy of the contemporary Berlin poetry scene. Thanks to


Lettretage - a conference of literary activists : January 23rd 2015

From Enemies curator SJ Fowler - I was properly excited to attend this unique conference of literary organisers and activists, hosted and led by the extraordinary Lettretage - Tom Bresemann, Katharina Deloglu, Moritz Molsch & co, in Berlin, precisely because, absurdly, it seemed wholly focused on the extremely niche thing that I have found myself doing in poetry - that is organisation, curation, innovation, but also something more fundamental than this - the two extensive days of discussion in a room in Kreuzberg were about action. and the possibilities of doing that across Europe, with ambition and energy, while maintaining consideration and ephemeral sensitivity to what literature might be, rather than what it should be.... read the full blog here