Cemetery Romance : a poetic tour of Kensal Green Cemetery {March 28th 2015}

Czech artist, writer and dramatist Miloslav Vojtíšek was joined by a series of contemporary British poets for a unique literary tour of the magnificent Kensal Green Cemetery. S.d.Ch. who has worked for many years as a grave digger will explain the art of exhumation, while other artists including Emily Berry, Alex MacDonald, James Davies & Tom Jenks presented their work each next to the grave of a famous figure (William Thackeray, Isambard Brunel, Harold Pinter, JG Ballard), throughout the beautiful Gothic surroundings of one of London’s magnificent seven cemeteries. http://london.czechcentres.cz/programme/travel-events/miloslav-vojtisek-cemetery-poetry-reading/ 

As a special one off event this unique literary tour of the magnificent Kensal Green Cemetery, curated by the Enemies project, took the form of a toured walk with multiple stops for short artistic performances and readings. S.d.Ch. who has worked for many years as a grave digger explained the art of exhumation and shared stories from his profession in the Dissenter's Chapel catacombs, while other artists, including Emily Berry, SJ Fowler, Scott Thurston, James Davies & Tom Jenks reading amidst the gravestones and mausoleums of the cemetery's imitable landscape while being led by cemetery guide Signe Hoffos.

With thanks to the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery http://www.kensalgreencemetery.com/  & Czech Centre London.

Emily Berry writes poems and other things. Her debut book of poetry, Dear Boy (Faber & Faber, 2013) won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection and the Hawthornden Prize. She is a contributor to The Breakfast Bible (Bloomsbury, 2013), a compendium of breakfasts. www.emilyberry.co.uk

SJ Fowler is a poet, artist & curator. He has published seven collections of poetry and has been commissioned by the Tate, the London Sinfonietta and Highlight Arts. He is the poetry editor of 3am magazine and the founder of the Enemies project www.stevenjfowler.com
Scott’s Thurston’s most recent book is Figure Detached Figure Impermanent (Oystercatcher 2014). He co-organises The Other Room, co-edits the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry and lives in Manchester.

Tom Jenks has published seven books, the most recent being The Tome of Commencement, a spreadsheet translation of the Book of Genesis. He administers the avant objects imprint zimZalla. http://www.zshboo.org/

James Davies' poetry includes Plants, Acronyms and A Dog. He is also the editor of if p then q and co-organises The Other Room reading series.
Other Room resources website and reading series in Manchester.For more seee http://www.jamesdaviespoetry.com

More about S.d.Ch. here http://www.divus.cc/london/cs/article/b-s-d-ch-a-makeshift-imitatio-christi-b-exhibition-and-new-book