Fiender: Swedish Enemies

A multifaceted transnational collaborative poetry project engaging poets from both Sweden and the UK. Taking place in both nations across 2016 and 2017, with partners including 10tal's Stockholm Poetry Festival, Fiender is an ambitious, exploratory engagement with contemporary poets across Europe. Supported by Arts Council Sweden.

Fiender in London - Rich Mix Arts Centre : Saturday January 28th 2017

Free entry 7.30pm - 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

Brand new collaborations commissioned for this unique literary event, pairing visiting Swedish poets and their British counterparts alongside other 'Camarade' pairs of poets invited especially for the evening. Some of the most dynamic poets working in contemporary European literature. Featuring:

Aase Berg & SJ Fowler - Harry Man & Anna Axfors - Elis Burrau & Holly Corfield Carr - Kathryn Maris & Patrick Mackie - Fabian Peake & Jeff Hilson - Nick Murray & Joe Turrent - Prudence Chamberlain & Eley Williams - Hannah Lowe & Richard Scott - Annie Katchinska & Mark Waldron - Molly Bergin & Russell Bennetts

Curated by Harry Man and SJ Fowler, with curatorial assistance from Emanuel Holm and Madeleine Grive.


Fiender: Swedish Enemies Project at 10tal's Stockholm Poetry Festival - November 22nd 2017

The beginning of Fiender in Sweden at 10tal's festival in the Swedish capital, in its 20th year. A special performance featuring three newly commissioned collaborations between pairs of poets and one new collective work, with Aase Berg & SJ Fowler, Harry Man & Elis Burrau and Holly Corfield Carr & Jonas Gren.