Kiddy Kamarade - May 10th 2014

Kiddy Kamarade (ages 8 and under, accompanied by parents or carers). Camarade and Archive of the Now joined forces for a day of poetry, where we'll start playing with words and end by dancing to them!

Held at the Rich Mix Arts Centre, Kiddy Kamarade 12-3pm, saw a child friendly collaborative poetry event, where our carousel of poets, provided ideas and inspiration for making word-art between parents and children, as well as children and children. It was a chance for kids and familities to try out our imaginative techniques -- and have a chance to show off what they created!

Activities included arts and crafts, performance/story-telling/charades, music and movement, and the afternoon concluded with some collaborative performances by adults and children.

Read a detailed account of the day by Archive of the Now's Sophie Mayer here: