Mahu: an exhibition at the Hardy Tree Gallery - June 6th to July 14th 2015

SJ Fowler's first solo exhibition in London, five weeks in the Hardy Tree Gallery, in Kings Cross, just behind the British Library.

Mahu was an exhibition of writing - a novel handwritten upon the gallery walls, growing as the exhibition passed. A living book in ink, veering between sense, story and abstraction, Mahu remained a novel, in the true sense of that word, employing abstraction as a necessary part of the narrative, a narrative that will evolve as the exhibiting takes place. Visit to find out more about the work and it's process.

As part of the exhibition, the gallery hosted 11 events.

Click on the event to visit its specific event page, with details of readers and happenings. Every reading from every event can be found on

June Saturday 6th: Mahu in Sound

A sound poetry choir led by Sharon Gal - a celebration of Daniela Cascella's new book F-M-R-L -