Mahu: Blart books & Homebaked Books - June Sunday 7th 2015 - 7pm

at the Hardy Tree gallery - Free Entry 119 Pancras Road. London, UK. NW1 1UN0
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A reading celebrating the work of two of London's most interesting avant-garde poetry presses.

Blart Books was set up in 2013 to publish and promote non-academic, innovative poetry. Our authors are: Richard Barrett, David Berridge, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Peter Manson, Marcus Slease, Chris Stephenson, and Cathy Weedon. This event will see readings by Richard Barrett, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Marcus Slease, Chris Stephenson & Cathy Weedon

Celebrating 10 years at work, Home-baked Books is edited by MJ Weller
2005-2015. Ten years kitchen-table publishing, a wonderful resource for Weller's remarkable project, read more here 

about Mahu 

A solo exhibition by SJ Fowler

A novel onto gallery walls. A novel written without prelude or revision. A novel written in black ink on white walls. A novel in words that veers into neologisms. A novel in language that veers into abstract symbols. An asemic novel. A novel of twenty-one days, before it is stripped, chopped, framed, never to be reunited again.

Hardy Tree Gallery is a London based art gallery.  The gallery promotes the work of emerging visual artists, photographers and performance artists. Co-founders Cameron Maxwell and Amalie Russell, aim to create a space which pushes boundaries and gives artists the freedom to bring their visions to life.

Hardy Tree Gallery is located next to St. Pancras station. The name Hardy Tree comes from a tree in the St. Pancras churchyard. Before turning to writing full time, Thomas Hardy worked as an architect apprentice and in the 1860’s was commissioned to dismantle tombs in the churchyard to allow the new St. Pancras train tracks to pass through. Rather than discard the many gravestones, Hardy placed them around a tree.

The tree, which has grown amongst the gravestones, represents growth, memories and the history of the area.

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