Fiender: a Norwegian Enemies Project: 2010 to present

The second ever Enemies project, stretching back to 2010, Fiender has fostered collaboration and exchange between contemporary British and Norwegian poetry across both nations. The project has been variously curated by SJ Fowler and Endre Ruset, and has involved Jenny Hval, Paal Bjelke Anderson, Harry Man, Audun Mortensen, Sam Riviere, Kristian Heggernes and others.

Fiender in Norway: Bergen and the Bjørnson Festival, Molde - September 2016

An eclectic and frequently glorious tour of Western Norway in the late summer of 2017, curated by Endre Ruset, saw readings in Bergen and the Bjørnson festival in Molde. Featuring new collaborations by Kristian Heggernes, SJ Fowler, Endre Ruset, Harry Man and Endre Ruset. More here

The European Camarade - 2015

Held at the Freeword Centre, London.

Poetry Parnassus at Southbank Centre - 2012

A festival of poetry from around the world.

Ny Poesi - Poetry Cafe and Rich Mix Arts Centre, London - 2010

One of the first and pioneering events in the Enemies project, with events held in London showcasing new collaborations between Paal Bjelke Andersen and Sean Bonney, Sam Riviere and Endre Ruset, Agnes Lehoczky and Jenny Hval and Jeff Hilson and Audun Mortensen. An anthology of new works was produced by Knives forks and spoons press.