The StAnza Camarade - March 5th 2016: St.Andrews, Scotland

Recognised as one of the leading poetry festivals in the UK and Europe, The StAnza Festival  has brought a range of major poets to St. Andrews, commissioned art works from leading artists and has brought poets from over 50 countries worldwide to the festival.

The StAnza Camarade saw new collaborations written by poets both attending and participating in the festival, following collaborative workshop led by Enemies project founder, S.J. Fowler. The StAnza festival offered the opportunity for anyone to take part and all the works produced did not exist three hours prior to the Camarade reading, which took place amidst the festival's bookfair in the Town Hall in St. Andrews.

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The Camarade series explores collaboration exclusively between poets, taking the form of events which pair writers to produce and premiere new collaborative poems or artworks, to be performed live. It has been the flagship event of the Enemies project, which has created over 200 events, in 18 countries, with over 500 poets, since 2012. The StAnza Camarade performance follows a collaborative workshop led by Enemies project founder, S.J. Fowler, who will also read. Expect original, dynamic new poetry, evidencing the open, inventive power of collaborative poetry in the 21st century.