The University Camarade 

The University Camarade asks pairs of creative writing students from different Universities in the UK to collaborate on short new works of poetry or text, for performance.  The only participants are students and writing with poets they've never met before, who study within a different institution, this project allows them to expand their practise, knowledge and networks, and takes a stand against purported factionalism or department competition. The innovative collaborative methodology also allows them to include experimentation early in their writing careers, and perform to a large audience.

University Camarade II - February Saturday 25th 2017 : Rich Mix, London

Students from the Creative Writing departments of Kingston University, Oxford Brookes, York St John, Kent, Essex, York and Royal Holloway presented a dozen brand new works on a remarkable, energetic night of poetry showcasing some of the most interesting young poets in the UK.

The event featured: Mischa Foster Poole & Zakia Carpenter-Hall / Dacy Lim & Emilie Dufresne / Natalie Stevens & Safiya Allaf / Gemma Jackson & James Carr / Astra Papachristodoulou & Phoebe Power / Imogen Abed & Emma Kittle Pey / Olga Kolesnikova & Rosie Driffill / Niamh Meehan & Jennifer Wong / Simon Everett & Jack Richardson / Abigail J. Villarroel & Carole Webster / Christina Murphy & Matt Navey

Curated by SJ Fowler with Kim Campanello, JT Welsch, Dorothy Lehane, Robert Hampson, Prudence Chamberlain, Philip Terry and Niall Munro.

The University Camarade I - April Saturday 23rd 2016 at the Rich Mix : London

In a unique collaborative poetry event, the University Camarade presented 10 new collaborative works written by pairs of young poets, all of whom are undertaking study in Creative Writing departments at six different UK Universities. The Universities of Kingston, Glasgow, Edge Hill, York St John, Royal Holloway and East Anglia came together, each represented by a small group of students. With participants made up purely of the student body and not staff, the collaborations took place across institutions, with poets paired for the night having never met before. The University Camarade aims to bring together the future poets and writers in the UK and show cross institution collaboration as a valuable way of building a community of writers. Curated by SJ Fowler with JT Welsch, Kim Campanello, Colin Herd & James Byrne.

Featuring - Maren Nygard & AK Harris / Alex Brinded & Glenn Miller / Molly Bergin & Zein Sa'Dedin / Raif Mansell & Luke Thurogood / Kate McHugh & Sarra Said-Wardell / Carly Brown & Joseph Howse / David Linklater & Evie Southgate / Cameo Rae-Ann Marlatt & Laura Tickle / Alex Davey & Brendan Quinn / Annia Acosta-Barbores & Sarah Dawson