ZimZalla : an exhibition

The 4th Enemies project exhibition at the Hardy Tree galery celebrated the remarkable avant garde poetry press ZimZalla! >

Leading the way in innovative poetry publishing for last number of years, the Enemies project was delighted to present an exhibiting of all 25 of the ZimZalla poetry objects, evidencing that there is nothing in the UK poetry scene quite like ZimZalla. Visit http://zimzalla.co.uk/ to peruse their wares andhttp://hardytreegallery.com/ for more information on the wonderful gallery. The exhibition was curated by Tom Jenks

“zimZalla is a unique publishing imprint specialising in literary objects. With twenty-five objects published to date, including poetry tea bags, greetings cards, scented chocolate bars and a backwards book in a miniature coffin, zimZalla celebrates the handmade, the ephemeral and the eccentric. zimZalla at the Hardy Tree, co-curated by The Enemies Project, is a never before available opportunity to see all twenty-five objects in one place at one time. A true trip down the rabbit hole.”

There was two events to celebrate the exhibition.

October Saturday 18th. 7.30pm: a celebration of Red Ceilings press and the exhibition special view. Readings from Andrew Spragg, Stephen Emmerson, Alison Gibb & Tom Jenks, Leanne Bridgewater, Tom Watts, MJ Weller & more

October Monday 27th. 7.30pm: ZimZalla in performance, readings from the TRYIE Collective (Zuzana Husarova, Olga Pekova +), Tom Jenks, Pascal O’Loughlin, Kim Campanello, Ryan Van Winkle, Christodoulos Makris & more