Nemeses : book launch I - St Johns on Bethnal Green, London
October Saturday 26th 2019 7pm doors - Free Entry

200 Cambridge Heath Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA, UK

A poetry book launch like no other. An hour long performative exploration of poetic collaboration in one of London’s most beautiful and idiosyncratic city churches. To celebrate the release of SJ Fowler’s selected collaborations 2014 to 2019, an evening of collaborative performances, installations and readings made especially for the night. With SJ Fowler and Joe Dunthorne, Eley Williams, Ailbhe Darcy, Luke Kennard, Prudence Chamberlain, Karen Sandhu, Gareth Evans, David Rickard, Harry Man, Alexander Kell.

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From the publisher, Haverthorn : “No poet-artist has ever explored the potentials of multidisciplinary collaboration as thoroughly as SJ Fowler and Nemeses is a landmark publication evidencing that exploration. The book brings together over 50 collaborations and collaborators, placing poems and prose alongside musical scores, diaries, sculptures, films, photographs, scripts and more. It explores not only the grand potential for collaboration as an innovative, generative, playful and profound practise, but also aims to expand what is possible when sharing the live upon the page.

New works made with pioneers of entire genres like Iain Sinclair and Phil Minton, to collaborations with some of the UK’s most exciting writers like Eley Williams, Max Porter and Joe Dunthorne sit next to works made with a global selection of writers and artists unknown on our shores and reflecting Fowler’s internationalist practise.”

Nemeses : book launch II
Museum of Futures, Surbiton
November Tuesday 5th : 7pm doors - Free, 117 Brighton Rd, Surbiton KT6 5NJ

As part of the Writers Centre Kingston programme of events, Nemeses is launched and collaboration in literature is celebrated as SJ Fowler reads with Karen Sandhu and Joe Turrent, amidst a special Camarade event, where pairs of poets present new works for the night, featuring Lucy Furlong, Julia Rose Lewis, Susie Campbell et al.

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Nemeses : book launch III at York University
November Wednesday 6th 2019 : 5.30pm - Free Entry

Berrick Saul building. University of York Address: Harewood Way, Heslington, York YO10 5DD

Hosted by JT Welsch and York University, Nemeses launches north, in an event of collaborative poetry readings and performance. With SJ Fowler and Nathan Walker, Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain, Tom Jenks, Harry Man, Colin Herd.